Resample it yourself

Did you guys ever try to resample audio-data of a clip in java? The JMF not very helpful, but today I will give you a little introduction to the xuggle library which will do that for you.

Xuggler is a library with the power of ffmpeg in your java application. A couple of weeks ago it was able to play video clips in your java application. But the real awesome stuff came with the new version of Xuggler. In version 3.0, which was released under AGPL :( , the MediaTools showed up. Now its possible to decode and encode your video clip from any format to any format.

If that is everything you need, you’ll be fine with just that. But if you need to resample the audio data (what you need, if you want to put the clip into, lets say, a FLV-Container), you need to implement a little more then just

while( == null);

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proSlide – jQueryPlugin


you know these nice Slides from some ebaypages, with products which move nicely from right to left through a div and when a product is in the center of the div the product gets zoomed. I thought that would be a nice feature for shops to show a couple of products or something like that.

Thatswhy I statet to develope a nice plugin for jQuery which creates that kind of “SlideShow” out of a row of pictures. Unfortunately it takes more time than I thought. So I’m gonna publish the actual state of the development of this plugin here.

The actual state of the plugin can be find here